Okinawan Dento Gojuryu Karate-do: 

Chojun Miyagi karate

Goju-ryu (the hard/soft style) is an art which combines traditional Okinawan techniques with both internal and external Chinese principles. The soft (ju), internal Chinese style concentrates upon circular movements and the development of chi (vital energy), while external, hard (go) principle rely upon physical strength. The combination of these principles makes Goju-ryu a close-range, fighting system that concentrates on efficiency of movements as well as a personal development. Okinawa-den Goju Ryu Karate-do was recognized as a Koryu (classical tradition) by the Dai Nippon Butokukai in 1998 and is the only karate system to hold this distinction.

A signature quality in this system is the emphasis that is placed upon combining soft circular blocking techniques with quick strong counter techniques delivered in rapid succession. The movements contained with 13 primary Goju-Ryu kata are intended for self-defense and not for sport. Short, circular blocks, powerful holds and locks, efficient punching maneuvers, and kicking techniques targeted to the lower body characterize the art that Chojun Miyagi carefully developed.


  • Sanchin Dai Ichi
  • Sanchin Dai Ni
  • Gekisai Dai Ichi
  • Gekisai Dai Ni
  • Saifa
  • Seiyunchin
  • Shisochin
  • Sanseiru
  • Seipai
  • Kururunfa
  • Seisan
  • Suparinpei
  • Tensho